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First Lady Addresses Campaign Supporters in Henderson

Reported by: Gerard Ramalho
HENDERSON (KSNV MyNews3) -- First Lady Michelle Obama wrapped up her speech to the president's supporters in Henderson a little past 5 p.m. Michelle Obama covered a lot of ground and ended with a call to action.
She spoke to campaign supporters at the Henderson Convention Center, arriving there a little behind schedule.
This visit to the Las Vegas valley -- her third this year -- is part of a campaign visit for her husband.
Mrs. Obama last visited in May for a fundraiser. This time around she'll be rousing supporters.
Erin Bilbray-Kohn is with Emerge Nevada, an organization that advocates for women in politics. She says being chosen by the first lady's staff to speak before Michelle Obama takes the stage is a huge honor; she adds the reason she's here is to repeat an emerging Democratic theme of the election.
“I think it is, you know as a mother I'm concerned about my children having a president that is fighting for the middle class and fighting for our children’s futures is really critical, and that's why she's here and she's speaking to that,” Bilbray-Kohn said. “Nevadans that obviously care about these issues, and I'm just thrilled that my daughters get to see me on stage before the first lady."
Before the convention center the first lady took time to stop at a Las Vegas coffee house. Mrs. Obama stopped at Sunrise Coffee at Sunset and Pecos this afternoon, and our camera was with her where she spoke to five customers.
We didn't get a chance to hear exactly what she was saying, but she did talk about the weather.
She said, "It's hot..." to which, a cashier said... "Not for Vegas."
For the record, the First Lady ordered a South Pacific iced tea and she paid $5.50. 

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