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Kathleen Lauckner, Ph.D.

Dr. Kathleen Lauckner

Dr. Kathleen Lauckner joined the Nevada System of Higher Education in 1985 and is now proud to be Faculty Emerita, after a 32-year career in Environmental Risk Assessment. In a supporting role, she is teaching part time and enjoys interacting with the students at each of the Southern Nevada institutes, discussing issues in Public Health, Environmental Science, and Environmental Law. 
Her area of expertise is in community rehabilitation, and as such, she remains involved in national policy work for healthy housing and green energy initiatives. These inter-related community projects have allowed her the opportunity to travel the country and train a specialized work force that is certified to inspect for and abate environmental hazards from housing or industrial facilities. 
Kathy is involved in several community organizations, including serving as a 501c3 Board Member for the Nevada Conservation League, and member of the NSHE Women's Council, the State and Clark County Democratic Central Committees, and the newly formed Nevada Democratic Education Caucus. Providing service to these organizations allows her to continue to advocate for STGEM edcuation and environmental policies. 

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