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Donna Clontz

Candidate for Nevada State Board of Education

Donna has been a life long advocate for children and education which shows through her track record. She has spent eight years as a juvenile prosecutor and DA’s juvenile unit supervisor and as an attorney for abused, neglected children in dependency court. She has had a two years staff attorney for National School Safety Center which led her to be an expert on prevention of school crime, violence, bullying, drugs and weapons on campus. She is also an expert on juvenile justice confidentiality laws and interagency cooperation among schools, law enforcement, social services, probation/parole, judges, prosecutors & public defenders, parents, and other concerned child-serving professionals who all work together to share information about kids that are in everyone’s caseloads to provide joint assistance to turn their lives around. 
She also dedicates her time to organizations like UNR Women's Studies, Gender, Race and Identity Program, the International Women's Day scholarship fundraisers, and AAUW. 

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