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Emerge Nevada Officers

Board Officers

A graduate of Emerge Nevada’s Class of 2011, Marla came on the Emerge Nevada Board as a member at-large in 2012, then vice-president, and then became president in 2014. As Secretary of the Nevada State Democratic Party, Marla was re-elected to her third term in March 2015. Marla is also the chair of Emerge Nevada's Alumnae Pipeline Project.  

One of the longest serving members of our organization, Daela currently chairs Stonewall of Northern Nevada and is the former Vice-Chair of the Nevada State Democratic Party. She has been on our Board since 2010 and is also an Emerge graduate of the Class of 2007.

Electra Skrzydlewski is a native Nevadan determined to take on roles that allow her to serve the community she loves. She is an experienced community organizer with a track record of success creating positive change through coalition building, policy advocacy and public education.

Board Members

Board Member

Melissa Clary brings more than 16 years of private and public sector experience to her position as a Project Manager for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Since 2011, Ms. Clary has provided enterprise-wide project management support for the VA’s Office of Information and Technology. In 2010, Ms. Clary managed an information technologies portfolio of $122 million in assets for the United States Agency for International Development in Washington, D.C.

Board Member

Justin has the distinction of being the first and only man (so far) to serve on the Emerge Nevada Board of Directors. Prior to becoming a voting member, he served on the Emerge Nevada Advisory Council as a dedicated champion of women’s rights and getting more women elected to office.

Class of 2016 Student Representative

Sandra Ramaker is a graduate of the Debbie Smith Class of 2016. While she was undergoing the Emerge program she was running for re-election to the Virgin Valley Water District Board of Directors, a position she had held since 2010. She served on the Board of Directors of Rockwood Water People’s Utilities District for eight years as an elected official and has served on national and local committees of American Water Works Association. 

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